Sibling love

Not too many things are sweeter than a newborn. One thing that's pretty close is a proud big sister that loves her baby brother soooooo much. Growing up with three brothers myself, I can still remember when my two younger brothers were brought home. I also still remember my youngest brother had dark hair, and I said to my mom " I don't think I'll like him, I don't like people with dark hair" (insert laughing with tears emoticon) OBVIOUSLY that wasn't true, and I adore my brothers. 

I was so happy and excited to meet Lawson. The ever so sweet little baby of my friend Deirdre.  Already having a three year old, they were more than ready for this new little guy to join their family. I loved doing their maternity photos, this family is seriously gorgeous, so naturally I couldn't wait to see this little guy and snap some photos. 

Deirdre had been given a newborn photo package from some family at her baby shower, but the session was just for herself, hubby and Lawson, so I was excited to go over and capture a few of Leila with her new brother. It was fun seeing them interact with each other, the way Leila gazed at him was so heart warming. She definitely loves her new brother. I know that it can be quite the transition for the older child. Suddenly theres a new baby, taking all of moms time away from you. It can either be that they don't want anything to do with the baby, or that they just love them like they've always been a part of their lives. She was very happy to help out and be a little mini mommy.

These little faces were so sweet. Here's a few of my favourites from this session.