family love

I've been photographing this family for a couple years now, and have loved watching them grow. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a special little guy, their newest addition Reid.  When I found out they were expecting their 2nd baby I actually started tearing up. We were about to start a shoot at the end of last summer, and Lisa told me she was pregnant. I was instantly so excited and happy for them. Lauren, their first born, had just turned one a month previous and she was conceived by IVF. Having her was an amazing gift in itself. I know Lisa was so excited about finally having her first baby, so naturally when I heard she was pregnant again I was over the moon happy for them, however what I soon found out as our conversation continued was that it was 100% natural conception this time. I'm not too familiar with the process, I can only imagine how tough it may be. Such an emotional roller coaster that can be trying, and hard to anticipate.  In my opinion, it takes a strong couple to go through that. Fast forward 40 weeks later, and here is Baby Reid. A little replica of his older sister, but definitely all boy.  

It has been so special to me to be able to see them grow and take their photos. This little family is incredible and so full of love. These two have such an amazing childhood ahead of them with two very dedicated parents. 

Doing newborn sessions in your home is important to me. I love the extra special feeling that it gives the photos. First of all, you're most comfortable in your own home. Secondly, with a newborn, sometimes they need to be removed from the moment with just mom or dad to be calmed or nursed, and this way you're in your own space. And thirdly, this is you, your family, your life, your story. Thats what I'm trying to capture, these moments. The first few weeks, as any new mother can attest to, you can spend hours just staring at your new baby. Its these times, when you're memorizing every single detail of your baby, that I love to be there for.