Baby Caleb

When I first met with Jenny and Adrian for their maternity session, I knew their little baby-to-be was in amazing hands. I could tell how deeply they love each other just off of how they look at each other.  I do really love being in the presence of people like this. It definitely makes my job so much easier. I know its not everyones favourite, being in front of a camera, but the more natural you can be with one another, the more truth shines through in the photos. 

So needless to say, I was looking forward to seeing them again, and meeting their little boy Caleb.  Such a sweet little guy. Big eyes, and that fresh baby smell that gives any mama instant baby fever.  I can say that these two parents are so completely in love with him. The way they gazed was incredible. I really love being present  in these moments, and love even more capturing them for these families.  He slept for most of the session, only fussed a touch when he needed his mommy, but was instantly soothed and stayed pretty happy the rest of the time. HIs wide eyes made connections with everyone around him, and even spent some time looking straight in to my lens. 

Here are a few more from our day.