Expecting mama's

Spoiler alert! Turns out I love doing maternity sessions, not that I'm surprised by this, but I truly love it. I love creating these beautiful images that mark such an amazing occasion.  I love looking at photos to get inspiration, and I love seeing a vision of mine come to reality. I seem to be getting more expecting mama's these days too, which makes me SO HAPPY! 

I know I've said it before, but as uncomfortable and big as you may feel, this is such a unique experience. Every women feels different and has a different journey, but the end result is this amazing little baby created with such love, hopes and dreams. I get really into these sessions, trying to help these mamas feel as beautiful as they appear. I know it isn't easy to get in front of a camera on your best day, but I feel the value of having these photos to look back on is so worth it. The way our bodies go back to our pre-baby figures, its hard to forget how you felt & looked in this moment. 

Some of my favourite photos I've shot to this date are maternity ones. Whether its a family affair, a couple expecting their first, or an intimate one on one, everyone of these woman are stunning and beautiful from the inside out, and I just love taking these photos. I can see how much they love their little baby before he/she is even here. I am always honoured when I am hired to do these sessions. As it is such an important time, next to a wedding, in my opinion. I look at each of these woman and try my best to relate, to help them feel beautiful in their skin and to create beautiful images they'll be able to look back on one day when their baby is not a baby anymore. 

Recently I was able to photograph two very special mama's. Both having their 2nd child. Both having daughters that were a part of this session. I loved working with them, and am looking so forward to meeting one of the little guys and doing his newborn shots this weekend. 

Here's a few from my latest sessions that I loved. Tender moments, filled with love, sweet little girls and proud, glowing mama's