Little Leni

I had a few newborn  sessions over the past couple  months too. I love newborn sessions. I know they do take more time, more breaks in between, but I don't mind. Sometimes I get a baby that cries the whole time, and sometimes I don't. Either way I'm happy to be capturing these first days. Now with Kelly and Jason, I was lucky to do their maternity photos as well. I love when I get to see this little person who's been inside this gorgeous belly for the last 9 months! 

Little Leni was so sweet and petit. I had a great time snapping her photos. She had such big wide curious eyes that were so beautiful. I love that she was awake for the first part of our session so I was able to capture them. Kelly and Jason are big time animal lovers. I've known Kelly since we were in jr.high and I've always remembered that about her. So it was fitting to have their 'fur' babies pose alongside them. 

I don't think I'll ever stop loving the way a new mom gazes at her baby. That love is so intense and unconditional and has such strength.