full circle

I have been fortunate to have had the chance to shoot 4 beautiful mama's before and after their babies were born. I love both styles of sessions, the glow that a pregnant woman exudes, the love and hope in her eyes. I know I've said it before, but the way a woman's body transforms is incredible, If I were a guy, I'd be jealous of it... Then theres the newborn sessions, so pure and untouched by this world. To do both of these for the same family is quite exciting for me. To see this life come full circle and to be able to capture all these emotions is amazing to me. To be welcomed in to their lives for such an emotionally life changing event and to be trusted with capturing these moments in time for them is a feeling I can't describe. 

Heres some from my most recent maternity and newborn session. Katy contacted me after stumbling across my instagram feed. (have I mentioned how much I love social media for this reason?!) We had scheduled the maternity photos at the end of october, with Katy being almost 35 weeks pregnant we figured we'd be doing the newborn sessions sometime mid december. However, a few days after our first session Katy went in to labour and gave birth to sweet little Oscar. He was pretty small, but such a strong and healthy little guy, He was just ready to be in our world. This little family is so sweet and filled with so much love. Big brother Max is just the cutest, full of kisses for his baby brother. Very thankful and grateful to have been trusted with such an important time in their lives. I do take these moments very seriously and am so passionate about creating these images for you to look back on and cherish.