the beauty of pregnancy

I love doing maternity sessions. These mom's to be, whether it be their first time or 4th time, still glow all the same. The female body is utterly amazing. What we can do is spectacular. I love capturing these moments, because before you know it, you have your perfect little baby in your arms and your body goes back to its normal shape(ish). You almost forget how you felt, or how you looked. I know I did. When I was pregnant with my boys, maternity photography wasn't as it is today. It was kind of cheesy, set weird poses that kind of didn't celebrate the beautiful body. Thats why I offer two separate sessions for maternity. One for you and your partner, which obviously are just as special and beautiful, but the other to showcase the way your body changes in to this amazing safe home for your baby to grow. Capturing these moments is important - It's beautiful, it's life, it's a miracle. The female body should be celebrated this way, without us there wouldn't be anyone around anymore! 

I understand that having intimate photos taken of yourself on a good day isn't an easy thing to stomach. We're so hard on ourselves. There's so much telling us how we should look, how we should feel its hard to see our real true beauty. Plus many of us don't feel well during the pregnancy. Its hard to sleep, you're peeing every 30 minutes, you can't see your toes and everything feels swollen and bloated, BUT you are creating a life. A precious, innocent, beautiful, perfect life, and it should be documented. Looking back, I wish I'd had some photos of myself, because 6 years later, its really hard to remember how I felt, or looked. It doesn't matter how big/small you are, YOU'RE beautiful.

When Caroline asked me for maternity photo's I was really happy to do them. I had worked with her for a few years and was honoured to do them. We ended up only doing these intimate photos, and they turned out so beautifully. She was glowing and beyond gorgeous. Proud of her bump as any woman should be. It was so great working with her. Her excitement was beyond, so happy to be embarking on this journey of motherhood. 

(I chose to feature black and white images only just for the extra intimacy I feel it adds to the photos)