A bare spring still makes gorgeous photos

Living in Calgary most of us are aware we lack in the season department. We go from summer to winter, and then a very slow winter to summer. Fall lasts about a week, and spring can include many snowfalls. Like just last weekend, on Easter, we received another snowfall. It was light and didn't stick, but still snow in April. I find life outside doesn't get green until after May, but that doesn't mean that outdoor photos will be bad. With daylight savings we now have our beautiful evening sun, that shines and glows for hours. A couple weeks ago over our springbreak, I took my boys out to a new spot down in Fish creek.  Other than the mud and abundance of deer poop, it was quite beautiful. I wasn't expecting it to have such a dreamy quality to it. The day was fun, and these guys had a great time exploring, searching for heart shaped rocks and wishing stones. I was really happy with the way these photos turned out.