The perfect glow.

My latest shoot was maternity photos for a friend and her husband. I hadn't seen her for quite some time, so naturally I was so thrilled they'd asked me. We did three different sessions, two of her at her beautiful home, and then one perfect evening of the two of them. The results were picture perfect. First of all, Lisa had the most perfect pregnant body. She was fit, healthy and glowing. A photographers dream.  Secondly, her house is something out of a magazine, Ive joked that I would like it to be my studio! (but really not joking) Such a fabulous backdrop for our at home sessions. We did two of those.  I wanted to try and do some which accentuated just how amazing the human body is. It truly is such a phenomenon that we as woman get to create and carry a precious little being to life. It is definitely something to be proud of. I am more than happy with the photos I've taken and the moments created that have been captured forever for them.