Winter in Canada

As everyone is well aware, winter in Canada is long and cold. We have weeks at a time in Calgary that we can't leave the house without 5 layers on with minimal skin exposure. The winter ninja look is something I feel I've perfected. BUT living in Calgary we also get chinooks ( for those of you unaware, a chinook is a warm pressure system of air that comes over the Rocky Mountains, that warms us, like 20-30 degree temperature shifts overnight) And with those comes all the chance and opportunity to get out and enjoy our winter wonderland. I love when families want to do winter sessions as it truly is so beautiful. The  sparkling snow and the low glowing sun enhance these images and help create such a magical ambiance. 

The Cross family was more than willing to be outside and take a chance with our weather. These three were so sweet and beautiful, about to celebrate Aria's first birthday. She was the cutest and has the most stunning clear blue eyes. So happy and full of smiles. It was so fun hanging out with them and capturing their love. We were at a new location (to me) and I loved how they turned out. Right along the elbow river, a beautiful little park/garden area. Now mind you, it was winter and snow covered everything, but it was gorgeous, and they were ready for this. Such naturals in front of my camera, and spending their time doting on each other and their sweet baby girl. We had a great a time and I really loved the way these turned out. Winter sessions can be just as beautiful as summer and fall ones, and this one is among a favourite of mine. 

Here's a few of our time together

Turning my camera on mom and dad in these sessions is one of my favourite things to do. Usually its been since their wedding day (for the most part) that they've had any one on one photos done. Its very easy to get caught up with the daily activities and whirlwind that life is with children, so taking a few minutes and capturing their bond and connection is important to me. I love capturing the way the man looks at his love. These two were still just as smitten with each other as I can imagine they were when they first fell in love, and capturing their love was easy. 

We ended the session with a few more shots of all of them together, capturing their laughter and joy as they celebrated the first year of being a family of three.