The Werbicki's

I love how different each family is. Everyone's dynamic is so individual, so learning all about you is truly amazing. Some families are crazy and wild, while some are more quiet and sensitive, regardless how your family interacts, my goal is to capture your truth. From capturing the joy and magic of childhood, to the love that created the family between mom and dad and everything in between. I love getting in your face and getting these real emotions and expressions. If you've had a family session with me, you probably know my one and only lame joke... I swear I'm working on remembering more, but I just can't seem to retain any... but that lame joke is awesome, and (usually) gets you all laughing. Recently I did a session, and when I was getting shots of the kids, the dad quickly blurted out  "poop!" and I got the biggest most genuine roaring laughter from these two... so watch out, it may be in my repertoire... 

On to this sweet family. The Werbicki's. 

I was contacted by Rachel to do their family photos last July. We picked East Village and St.Patricks Island to do the session, which is a spot I absolutely love. You get a bit of urban with some amazing city views, mixed in with the perfect touch of nature. Now when I say these kids were cute, you have no idea. (you'll have to keep reading to see) All three of them were so sweet and well mannered, but still laughing, joking and having fun, just being themselves. It was so easy capturing their connections, because that's just how they are.  Sweet cuddles and giggles then running and laughing. It was such a great day and I really loved learning all about them. 

Family lifestyle sessions are the perfect way to capture a moment in your lives. The authenticity of this approach will leave you with images that reflect you personally, and tell your story.