When it comes to being a mom, one word comes to mind - Busy, chaos & bliss - ok 3...  Us mom's wear an assortment of hats throughout the day, but this gorgeous mama, Deirdre, also adds business owner and lawyer to her repertoire. She's successful, beautiful, smart and kind, and has two very beautiful children that absolutely adore her. Now I know what it's like having two kids, and as a lot of you know, it ain't easy... But as hard and challenging as it can be, it's also the most rewarding job with incredible perks. Never ending kisses, hugs, sweet "I love you's" are just the beginning. This sweet trio was pretty in tune with one another, as they played and had fun. We had a great time and I loved the images of their connection that I captured. Real loving, heart felt moments that can be treasured forever. 

Motherhood sessions are awesome and fun. These little babes we're raising aren't going to be small forever, so it's a great way to preserve some of their innocence.