Warm September nights

Theres something to be said about warm nights. Especially when they happen in September, and especially in Calgary! We were all stunned by the forceful and awful snowpocolypse a couple weeks ago, so its nice to be back to our normal temperatures. I was nervous for a minute that we wouldn't even get fall, straight to winter, but luckily it all melted away and slowly all the broken branches are being cleaned up and the leaves are starting to turn beautiful shades of orange & yellow.

On one of these pleasent evenings, I had the pleasure to photograph my longtime good friend Suzanne and her little family. We had such perfect conditions, and created such beautiful photos. This little family is sweet as can be, complete with Charlie the dog. Color coordinated and picture ready, we took a walk through some trees, with little Abby stealing the show. Such a doll. I loved how she walked through the brush and would hand pick special twigs and grasses and give them to me as little gifts.