Spring babies

With the brand new year in full swing now we're finally into spring and all that it has to offer. Slowly outside is starting to turn with (as my boys like to call it) "signs of spring" everywhere. Buds on trees, and the grass is slowly greening, I can't help but get excited about the upcoming months and all the shoots with it. I had the most incredible opportunity to travel a bit of Asia in February, and felt pretty jet lagged for a long time from it. But was very happy to have a newborn session to come back to! 

Sweet baby Ella was almost 8 weeks old when we did this session, Andrea and Devon were full on pro's at this point! She was as sweet as can be with her big curious blue eyes! We had a great time doing this session and I love the moments I captured. Sweet baby gazing as well as adoring looks between mom & dad. Its such a beautiful experience, having a baby, but with it comes a lot of work, restless nights and crazy hormones, so when I'm around a couple that is still so connected I am instantly inspired, and love sneaking photos of a few loving stares between the two of them, because after all, they are the foundation of these families.