Sweet baby Maisie

I have the pleasure of knowing this beautiful family through my main man... (haha) Michelle is one of his cousins.  I was pretty happy when she asked me to take their maternity and newborn photos. We had had huge success at our maternity one, I loved the way the photos turned out, showcasing their love, and Michelle's amazing bump. 

Miss Maisie was born june 1st and we scheduled the photos to be done on june 13th which just happens to be my birthday! I was super excited as well to be one of the first ones to meet this little girl, and man was she sweet. Such a petit little girl, with very delicate features. She cried for a little bit at first, but then was so good for her first shoot. if you know me, you know I love to capture a good screaming shot. I feel like this is what these babies do for the first little bit. Scream, exercise their lungs, so I like to showcase a couple of those shots. They're definitely fun to look back on! She soon settled down and and the rest was smooth sailing, big brother Rowan was super sweet and cute with so much love for his little "mae mae'  We were even able to go outside to their garden for a few photos, which was so nice! That extra little personal touch to their photos is something I always try to do. 

Here's some of my favourites from the day