My mini mother's day shoot

Wow, I can't believe that its June already.... In three short weeks my boys will be done school for the summer and we will no longer be slaves to my alarm clock every morning.... No more rushing to get everyone up, fed and out the door to fight the morning traffic. 2 full months of summer...

My favourite. I can already taste the sunshine. I love more than anything having our days free. I love having my boys with me, and having different adventures with them. We have a really close relationship. I knew I'd have mama's boys, but they are so my boys it makes my heart so big and full. Throughout the day there are so many " i love you's" cuddles and kisses. Sometimes its me that has to say "Thats enough!"  SO naturally on mother's day I get really excited, as do they. It really is so special for them, and reading their little cards and seeing their homemade gifts is so awesome. I don't care that they wake me up super early that day because I know they're just bursting with happiness and can't wait to give me their gifts. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to paint a perfect picture, because my life is far from that. There are plenty of times that they drive me nuts. And there's yelling and fighting. As all mothers can only handle so much, especially when I'm on my own with them the majority of the time. So please, don't think I'm not counting down the minutes until I can open my bottle of wine at night.. 

This year I was looking to get some photos done of myself with them. I have countless photos of them, but very few with myself in there too. And I absolutely want them to remember that I was there too... because I have been, every step of the way, and I'm not going anywhere!  I looked around and didn't find someone that I felt would have my vision, so what's one to do? Set up your own mini session. 

SO I packed up my tripod and we set off... first I bribed them with pizza, then it was easy (ish) from there. It was a beautiful night, and me not really ever doing photos including myself have never really though of investing in an off camera remote to take photos in focus instead of focusing, setting the timer and running to the spot.. only to have found out by the time I've reached the destination that we'd all be a blur from how much wiggling there had been... They laughed at me everytime I set the timer and bolted towards them... side note, wearing a bandeau bralet under my dress was a bad idea for running... lesson learned! 

Anyhow, it was fun. I got a few photos of us that I'll cherish forever. I am trying really hard not to "hate" the way I look in photos too, I swear thats not what I look like?! or maybe it is... All in all, it was a fun successful night. I'm sure I entertained a bunch of people that were there, and the boys laughed hard.