Spring is here!

Oh how I love spring! It means that we've put another winter behind us, and we're closer to warm days, beaches and sunshine. If you can't tell, I'm a summer nut. I love having the summers with my boys and getting outside as often as possible. Anything that involves us being outside is my favourite! But I get just as giddy when spring arrives. All the colours that start to show make everything desirable to be out in. Finally after months of brown dead grass and bare trees, we finally start seeing traces of green, then pops of colour as the first buds appear. I really truly love this time of the year.

As well with spring comes photo sessions- weddings, babies, families. Its such an amazing time of the year. I'm really looking forward to a busy few months, I have several shoots booked, and looking to fill up those last few days. Being able to do this outdoors is such a bonus. We have some of the most beautiful landscape around us here. 

My first real "spring" shoot was a maternity one. Meeting Jenny and Adrian was a blast. They are so fun, outgoing and completely made for each other. I could tell within minutes of meeting them that it was going to be a great shoot. They really had no expectations, booking last minute as she was afraid she'd regret not having maternity photos done. SO I joked and said "so I can be terrible then and you'll know no difference" and we laughed, but right at that moment I knew I needed to do amazing, needed to wow them and make them so happy that they decided to get these photos done. The pressure was on, but it was a beautiful evening and it worked out so well. They took direction and we created some beautiful images. Jenny is stunning, and with Adrians big warm smile there was no messing up! 

Nights like these,I live for. Meeting new people who are so full of love and excitement is wonderful. Being present for these times in life is so special. I'm really looking forward to a busy season, and especially meeting this little one soon! Like I've said before, I really love doing this. It's such a passion of mine, I love the instant connections I make with people, and so for me, doing a maternity and newborn shoot is really special. 

Here's a few of my favourites from our evening out