Lifestyle vs Posed newborn photography- how I see it

Babies are definitely one of my favourite sessions. I love everything about them, even when they cry... I love if I have the chance to capture a screaming baby. Just one or  two shots mind you, but still. Something about it I just love. Maybe its the "realness" factor about it. I do like looking at a perfectly posed baby photo, it is super sweet, but something about those don't scream real life to me. Because honestly, any mom out there can attest to the fact, thats not a newborn... 

I love capturing those moments where the parents stare in awe. Just still unable to believe that they created this little amazing soul. Capturing these first time moments are more meaningful and real to me. To get a sense of what its like and to remember these new beginnings, because as I know  now that my babies are 8 & 6, it goes by too fast. You think you'll remember it all, but you don't. Or at least I didn't...  And I had what they'd call good babies. I know they each had their moments of acting up or crying when I'd tried everything possible... but this is real life. 

To me, lifestyle photography is capturing the moment. It is absolutely the style of photography I fell in love with.  Its not about  setting the scene, but letting you be you, whether its in your own home or outdoors enjoying the moment. Real life feelings & raw emotion is what I feel shines through the lens. Now I may guide you to stand a certain way or look at each other, but my goal is to let you feel whats comfortable, naturally move around and feed off each others energy.  By doing this, you tell the story- of your family. The candidness of real life speaks clearly and creates beautiful images you can look back on, and  remember how you felt in that time. I want to capture these feelings for you. This to me is lifestyle photography.

Here's a few of my favourite screaming shots I've taken over the past couple years and I think all these little babes do it really well!