winter love

Theres something to be said about winter photos.  There's a little extra magic when the background is blanketed by soft fluffy white snow. When photographing couples in the winter, the colder temperatures also help them move closer together, in a natural way to stay a bit warmer - and they usually don't mind when I ask them to get close and cuddle, and kiss a little bit... I do it for you guys! To help you stay a bit warm ;) 

But I truly love the outcome of these photos. The sun sets a lot earlier, so we can get some gorgeous glowing shots pretty early in the day.  

 I think a lot of people don't think of having their photos done in the winter, but I can guarantee they'd end up gorgeous. As long as its not too cold out, one hour is plenty of time to capture your story, and can be lots of fun as well! Snow fights??! Absolutely...! 

We captured some really fun shots, and when you're more willing to let go and just be "yourselves" the trueness of your relationship shines through, and thats when the magic happens.